An open letter to New Englanders

First, I hate you all.

Second, New England is a funny place. It tends to snow every year around the same season. That season is called Winter. This might be shocking to some, but it’s true it happens. So if you can’t get up this small incline, get some new god damn tires!!!! Your 6 year old all-season tires that you bought lightly used from NTB will not allow you to drive in a dusting. Seriously, there was less than an inch of snow on the road, and you could still make out grass from peoples lawns!! You will hear reasons like, “The news said the roads were really bad, and the roads weren’t treated in time”. While that could play a factor, it’s the people that are ill equipped to drive in the snow that are the problem. 4 snow tires and (bonus) AWD car and I had no issues. Look, I can’t convince all of you to go buy winter tires (even though you should), but please, at least have a good set of all-seasons. If you can’t manage this, stay off the road until summer because snow still happens in NE in the spring.


I wish this was the only person I saw getting stuck on a small incline this morning. It is only a 12 mile drive. 15 minutes to work in nice weather with a 10 minute stint on the highway. Today, it was 45+ mins. For my fellow NH people, I hop on Rt. 3 at exit 6 and take it to exit 2. Like an idiot I got on the highway this morning hoping for the best. Because 1 accident caused another accident due to rubbernecking, I got the hell off the highway after 1 exit. Here is where I saw two separate cars that could not make it up separate inclines and were stuck sideways with their hazards on!!!! Not to mention the lady who just decided to run a red light and take a left when she pleased. Or the other two cars side by side who, from a stop, could barely make it up a bump in the road and were sliding back and forth. That is nearly an incident every two miles. That is horrifying. Okay now that it is off my chest. Next up, get the fuck out of the left lane if you aren’t passing.

Have snowy donut day

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