I work nights and have weird days off (Wednesday and Thursday). I plan on waking up tomorrow in the afternoon and get to some car projects I have been putting off. My 67 Bug is a tough bastard but it needs a little TLC.

1. Oil change - 20W50 for the summer

2. Trans fluid change - I foresee this being a huge PITA cause finding the drain plug under years of gunk is going to suck.

3. Bowden tube adjustment - This is a cast iron ball buster. If I can get it adjusted correctly, it should eliminate the shaking in first gear. But it’s not going to be easy and I’m a tad doubtful I can get this one done.

4. If time permits, it’s time to address the paint bubbling. I have never done any body work/rust mediation before so this is new territory for me. I may have to put this one off till week.


Thankfully, I have been able to watch a ton of Chris Vallone’s YouTube videos on VW Bug maintenance. If you own a VW and don’t know about this channel, I suggest you check it out.