So in the last few months, I've asked for advice on what truck to purchase, and written a defense of wagons. Now, if you don't mind all too much, I need to write out my quandary and maybe solicit some help. Ordinarily, like most of you, when I ask for car advice, I already know my answer, but I just want to be vindicated. Unfortunately, I'm in the rare position of having no clue what my answer is. So here we go, amigos. It all comes down to the above photo.

To set some background, the current fleet consists of: 2007 Corvette, 2005 CTS-V (first gen), and a 1995 Miata.


My two most favorite things in the world are racing cars and mountain biking. These hobbies, unfortunately, require some vastly different vehicular needs. With a CTS-V that's been the most unreliable thing I've owned, I've had to resort to desperate measures, hence hauling around two wheels bad in my track rat. In case you're curious, yes, a full-squish 29er large frame Giant Anthem X will fit in your C6. I mean, basically, it's an El Camino with a camper top.

So, sports fans, I need more room. And I'm trying to think ahead. So here's the ultimate DD question for the avid person that loves to shred single track, does track days reasonably frequently in a stupidly loud C6, has a dog, and doesn't have a clue on what to get next: wagon or truck?

I'd like to know, from those who do track days on a frequent basis, will I eventually arrive at a place in the next 5-10 years where I'll want to tow my car to and from the track? I live within 3 hours of a bunch of decent race tracks (4 off the top of my head, including COTA), and the C6 as I have it now is very streetable. I'd like to be able to DD something that's dynamically better than a body-on-frame truck, but if I'm going to outgrow having something that's street-worthy in the next five years, I won't bother driving over to my Cadillac dealer to see what their V Wagon inventory looks like.


What do you think? Grab a truck and have something that I can tow with? Or grab a wagon that'll be a blast to drive to the office and will get me to the trails with no issue?


Any input would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what y'all think.