These are Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones. Over all, they are wonderful headphones and I love them very much. So much that I have used them almost everyday for 3 years. Unfortunately B&W has lost any future business from me. You see, both of the cords that came with my headphones self-destructed due to use of low quality glue which melted and allows for things like this to happen due to the fragile plastic B&W uses. This also happened with the other cord but I dismissed it as an exception, not the rule.

However what awaited me when I went to remove this cord was something even more amazing. The same weak glue that was used on the connecter was also used on the earpads and has caused my ear pads to piss glue all over the interior of my headphones.

By this point I'm on the phone with B&W, who inform me that because my $300 headphones are 3 years and not 2 years old they will not replace my headphones without me playing $120. I'm sorry B&W, but when I pay $300 damn dollars for headphones I expect for them to not be built like shit.