An Oppo start to the year.

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I started the new year off with servicing the F-150. It was just a quick oil change, tire rotation and inspection at 42k. I also took an oil sample and sent it off to Blackstone, as I hadn’t done so in a few oil changes. There sure is a lot more room in the garage without the trailer and the racecar shoved all the way to the side. All previous truck servicing required moving the trailer w/racecar out of the garage to have enough room to work.


I sold the trailer on New Year’s Eve. A racer in Tuscon bought it to haul his RX-7, and I met him out in Lordsburg that morning. The buyer for the racecar should be here to pick it up next Wednesday. After that, the truck will get to live in the garage full time, along with the mustang in the household.

The winning bidder on the racecar didn’t want the trailer (it was an $1800 add on option), but this guy emailed me offering to buy the trailer. We exchanged info and met about halfway between Las Cruces and Tuscon to complete the deal. He gave me an envelope of cash and I hooked up the trailer to his (diesel) 2500 sprinter van.

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