Just wanted to do a little write-up/PSA of my epic 747 mile journey across country borders for anyone thinking about maybe going to Prague, Czech Republic.

What you see above is a notice from the Prague Municipal Police Force notifying me that my Ford Fiesta ST had been immobilized with a wheel clamp. So yeah that was awesome. Basically what happened is that the hostel reception didn't give me the correct address for where I was supposed to park, I assumed that I had found it and parked. Two days later I walk up the hill to make sure nobody shoved their fist in my FiST and I saw an adorable yellow boot on the FiST and the above notice on my car. I was fucking livid, I ran back to the hostel with the notice and called the police, it took about 15 minutes of explaining and talking to different people for them to understand where my car was. I went back up the hill to meet the cops, they were pretty chill and didn't end up ticketing me, I did get a stern talking to about the parking laws but that was the worst of it. After they removed the boot they showed me where I was supposed to park (like 200 feet down the road) and then went on their way. Turns out that if there are blue lines than the spots are only for residents, white are metered spots, and if there isn't anything there you should be ok. Here's some of the pretty from Prague.


Brera, so pretty in person.

Big church within the Royal Palace area


Astronomical Clock


Just a landscape!


Prague is a fun town, tons of history, plenty of things to do during the day, plenty of drinking to do at night. I'm glad I got to go out there and see one of my high school friends (started from Long Valley now we here!!). I seriously recommend and suggest Prague to anyone traveling Europe, one of if not the best city I traveled to in Europe and I've seen a bit..

Also I think I found the FiST's limit, 142 mph on the way home.

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