Background :: My girlfriend is a teacher. She just started at a new school and is dealing with a lot of crap thru out the day. She is already pretty exhausted with the school year.

So the other week, I was driving her Subaru Forester over to a buddy's house. And he just so happened to have the stock mufflers off of his 2011 STI. Well one thing lead to another and now the mufflers are on the Forester. Gives the lifeless NA engine, a little more grunt (at least audibly).

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After the mufflers, one of the students noticed the modification and started talking to my girlfriend about cars. She was able to rattle off a few things I've mentioned and figured out that this 5th grader was a muscle car guy. So over the last few weeks he's been talking about cars with my girlfriend here and there (now she hears about cars at home and at work... she's going crazy).

We were out last night, and strolled into Barnes and Noble, and found an awesome Muscle Car book. She gave the student the book today, and he was ecstatic! Super pumped about the book, and the pictures. I guess just really stoked on it.

So my girlfriend is happy she got a gift that someone really liked and was able to make them happy. I'm happy for her... but I'm really happy that I think we have a future Opponaut.

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