You know those moments where if one thing had changed, it would have been hella awesome? Anyway, I was driving from visiting my stepfatehr in the hospital with my mother, and we stopped for petrol. An absolutely stunning Asian woman pulled up in a black Accord while I was pumping fuel, and apparently she was curious about the car, because she asked my mother if it was "the one with the hamsters in the commercial."..

How I wish it had have happened, given that it was one town over from my hometown, is that my mother would've said, "I don't know. Why don't you go ask him?" Then, I could've put away my shyness and had a conversation, maybe?

What she actually said was, "I don't think so..." and came out. Obviously, I didn't find out until /after/ we were several miles away.

On a related note, what is it with Opponauts and almost debilitating shyness? It seems to be a common thread.

Have an Alfa for your trouble.