An Otaku's Arrival in Japan - Delirium on the Tomei Expressway

HND Bus Terminal, 20 hours in
HND Bus Terminal, 20 hours in

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to go to Japan. After 20 hours of travel, this sleep-deprived author landed at Tokyo-Haneda International Airport (HND) . This same author does not sleep on planes. I boarded a public bus to my hotel in Atsugi as the sun set, strategically choosing a window seat so that I might see some a few japanese cars. I opened the Notes app on my phone to keep track of every interesting car that appeared. Delirium began to set in as my JDM dreams came to life.


What you’re about to read below are my unfiltered and unedited observations from that bus, enjoy.

* (厚木市 Atsugi-shi) *


Was that a Series 1 Land Cruiser? Wait, I’m in Japan. Bet it was an FJ.

There goes an Evolution.

What’s a Honda Spike?

They are spoiled with sweet Minivans here.

A car hauler packed with Legacy Turbos and new WRX’s, awesome.

Ooo 991 911 turbo.

What’s a Honda Grace?

That dude is definitely watching TV in the dash of his Suzuki EveryWagon

Hmm, sitting in traffic now. I thought the busses were always on time?

Yep, he’s definitely watching TV. Looks like a game show.

A lanesplitter!

Morris Mini!

Finally saw my first modified 180SX.

Some weird 90's Alfa coupe, Zagato?

Kei-cars! A Suzuki Wagon R with a BIG hood scoop.


What is “Hotel Love Fairy”?

Alfa 4C, definitely had an exhaust...*drool*


Oh, I get it. It’s called a Toyota Voxy, sounds like Boxy because there’s no “V” sound here.


Off the highway now...

“ColtSpeed,” an aftermarket shop seems to specialize in modified Mitsubishi Colts.


My first modified S15 sighting, and its following a lowered Mk4 Golf R 5-door!

Another Evo.

Worse Traffic.

Sleep deprivation setting in...

What lovely arrival tones over the PA.

* (アメリカ United States) *

The Japanese Expressways managed to be everything I hoped they would, and yet nothing I could have expected. Next up, my first day exploring Atsugi-shi. Will the author get lost and accidentally ride a bus until the last stop, with a bus driver who doesn’t speak English? Tune in to find out!

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