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An RWB 993 built in memory for a loving mother.

Terror Garage and RWB, after building Indonesia's first RWB car and RWB 964, has recently finished working on the second Porsche from Indonesia. Built in memory of a loving mother of Terror Garage, RWB002 "Ciska (Ika Kartika)" was produced. It's a very touching initiative by Terror Garage, the famed VW and Porsche restorer based in Bandung. The making of Ciska is now available to watch on Vimeo (provided above) and two articles have been created showing first-ever images of the 2nd RWB Indonesia vehicle. Akira Nakai was yet again present to modify the blue 993.

While the articles are in Bahasa Indonesia, the images are enough to make up for the missing language.


Source 1: http://goodrides.co/in-memoriam-of…


Source 2: http://goodrides.co/the-making-of-…

Images by goodrides.co and RWB Indonesia.

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