Needless to say as an avid Jalopnik / Oppo reader, I love cars. I do camera work for a living and am pushing more into the automotive area of my industry. On Friday, I found out the guys that to The Fast Lane Cars / Trucks are right in my neighborhood, so I contacted them and said "Hey, let's collaborate and film some cool stuff." Yesterday we took their Raptor out and tried to kill as many snow flakes as possible. I was shooting all the slow mo content. Running around the mountains, finding angles, planning shots and having a gorgeous vehicle blairing it's V8 as it slips and slides a few feet off my right shoulder made this one of the top three most fun days of production for me ever. The TFLTruck guys are awesome to work with. The commute up to the mountains was none stop car talk. (Something that rarely happens as a resident of Boulder.)

Here's the vid.

And a behind the scenes still. (put this up on another post yesterday, so sorry for the quasi double post.)


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