An unexpected bonus when I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi [no spoilers, don't worry]

...was the new trailer for Ready Player One. I’m a simple man—if I see the DeLorean from Back to the Future hauling ass and drifting corners, I’m sold. The theater will have my money on that merit alone, because I don’t care how underpowered that car was in reality; in the films, Doc Brown’s creation conveyed a sense of speed that the Fast and the Furious movies haven’t been able to match.


If I’m remembering correctly, I’ve seen the A-Team van, Mad Max’s Interceptor, the Mach 5, Adam West’s Batmobile, and the bike from Akira, as well (in either the newest or a previous trailer). Myself and other oppos with 80's vehicle nostalgia seem like we should be pretty happy.

Really the only thing that dampens my enthusiasm at all is the knowledge that all the driving is going to be a CGI-fest and not done with practical cars. I mean, I guess it fits given the source material, but even so...

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