An unexpected misadventure

I had to take Genie to the Kia dealer this morning. She began spouting coolant into my engine and smoking. The verdict is a blown water pump. Fortunately, it will only be $50 under warranty. Unfortunately, there are none in the US. One will have to be shipped.

So I have an Optima EX loaner for the next week or two. Decent car, but I tried to push for a Stinger. No dice.

I did sit in one though. It’s very nice. I also sat in the new K900 for the first time. It’s very nice and has some stitching and design elements the old one didn’t. The matte wood trim and aluminum looks great. Here are some pics I took while waiting.

The owner’s Ferrari that he’s trying to sell
Interior of the new Sedona. Paired with the new navy blue paint this is my favorite
Fezza from the front
K900 interior
I think this is the door to the finance manager’s office
Bonus Smart if you’re into these things

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