An unexpected trike, unexpectedly

A bit like this, in so far as it had one seat and rwd.

A bit unlike in so far as it had a 1340cc Harley V twin instead of pedals.

Here’s the unexpected thing.


The knowledgeable will recognise at once that it’s from a Civic (an unusual sight in itself, Civics being mainly manual here). No, I don’t know why it’s been swung through 180 deg. Yes, it must be awkward with the button on the left. No, I wouldn’t like my hand that near to a drive belt either.

It’s attached, naturally enough, to one of these.

Yes, it’s the Honda box it was originally attached to. Those who know their Hondas will know why a Honda unit had to be used.

You want to know more? Here we go.


Now, why did he have to use a Honda box and not say an Aisin or Ford one?

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