So, my dad and I decided to take the Celica to the dealer. Turns out it was the jump cables that weren’t working, as my dad found an old heavy-duty pair and it managed to jump start the car. Fearing the amp might be causing the power draw, we drove it straight there to the dealership, where we hope it’ll be looked over at some point this week.

In exciting news however, I finally have GT Sport in my hot little hands (after my parents put it on pre-order last November in hopes it would’ve been released in time as a Christmas gift). Well, all that waiting later and I now have it, the DLC promo code, and a pair of fuzzy dice. Thinking I’ll put the dice in my Celica when I get it back from the dealership. :)


Anyways, my college is also on strike now, so I have a good two weeks of free time to enjoy GT Sport. Might ask around for some fellow players on here at a later date.