An update: I haven’t given up.

My wife said she’s now for me getting a slightly larger car with a more usable body style as we approach time to start trying for a second kid.

Our goal is to get $13,000 out of the 6 on trade and find a TourX for $25k or so. With interest rates being low at local banks and such, I could get a nice, low payment that we would be comfortable with. And, we’d end up paying it off early, anyway. Like we did with the 6.


This is the one I’m most keen on right now:

Just over an hour from me. Lightly used with 11,000 miles. So, likely to have a scratch or ding here and there - which I’m okay with. I can’t stomach owning a brand new car again - that first scratch/ding breaks my OCD heart too much.

This one is a bit overpriced as you can find new ones for $28k all day long (but they aren’t Essence models). I’d hope to get them down to $24,500 or so.


The only feature it lacks that my 6 has is a sunroof, but I figure that may be a good thing in the long run as it’s one less thing to worry about breaking or leaking.

It has remote start and heated seats - the two things my 6 doesn’t have that I REALLY wish it did. And, through OnStar, I can do the connected services where I can remote start/lock/unlock the car with my phone. Nifty.


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