An Update On The Car

Well, we got her ownership and proof of insurance transferred over at the MTO today and got temporary plates on her, so she’s now on paper officially ours. We’ve got an appointment booked at Costco this Friday to get new tires on her (a set of Michelin Pilot Sports), and an appointment at our local dealership next Tuesday to have them go over it and see if there’s much wrong with her.

We also topped her up this morning and added some e-test fuel additive yesterday to the tank, and she was running better today. We also noticed the Injen air intake on the car caused her to run on the lean side, so she was somewhat sluggish with acceleration, and had a check engine light on.


We also noticed that the A/C runs, but only on high setting, and that the wiper fluid pump works for the rear hatch, but not the windshield. Furthermore, the previous owner did have a Viper alarm system installed, but he never managed to pair the fob properly. We went looking for the controller today, and couldn’t find it, so hopefully the inspection at the dealership will tell us where the alarm controller is. Until then, centre console door locks and using the actual key to open the doors/trunk.

On the highway we also noticed she idled high, 3100RPMs in 6th gear going 110km/h. Figuring she’s going to need a proper tune-up, with that and the sluggish acceleration off the line (flooring the pedal did not make it go faster).

Factoring all of this in, can’t remember the last time I was this close to going broke.

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