An update on the job search

So, last I had mentioned to Oppo, I had a scheduled interview for Thursday morning, after being back in NJ for only a few hours.

Well, two hours after scheduling the interview for Thursday, I was called and asked to meet up for another job interview with a different company. They wanted to see me in two hours. So, I hurried up and got ready. Long story short, I was offered the job.

Fast forward to Thursday, and this place is much better than the other, more pay, better benefits, nicer area and it’s family owned and operated since 1982. I was also offered the job.


I decided to accept job number 2, and I go back to meet the owners wife and the rest of the team Monday am, with a tentative start date of April 4th.

So, to recap. Been back in NJ for four days, and had two competitive job offers, and I am now employed again!

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