An Update On The S60 Dream...

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Remember how last week I found that very nice CPO 2012 S60 that I wanted? Well, I’m not getting it. But, there may be something even better happening! I may end up getting Dad’s 2012 S60 instead! He will then either get a new S60 or a V60 which he has been eyeing since the redesign!


I found out an interesting way to get out of my lease early enough. Just have the dealer buy it back as if I was trading it in. I sadly have no positive equity in the car, but I’m not that deep in the hole and its cheaper than paying an ETF or defaulting on payments. We are viewing it as if it was a down payment on the CPO model.

We applied for a loan to buy the car out from Dad which is 99% likely to be approved. And if everything works out like it should, the Civic will be gone tomorrow and I will have an S60 by Tuesday!


I am actually quite excited to get rid of the Civic. It was a good car, but not at all me. I’ll keep Oppo updated.

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