A few weeks ago, I told y’all that I’m going to Japan with—I forgot to mention—my dad. Now, it’s finally happening on April 22nd! Do you know what’s happening the day after?

A D1GP event at Fuji! That doesn’t mean I’m going there, but if I did, I have a couple of questions for those who have been to one :

*cough* Dsscats *cough*

  1. Usually how much is the ticket for a D1GP event?
  2. Is there a portion of the area where car meets prevail?
  3. What time does the drifting rounds normally start?

For the whole of the trip, I’ll be staying in Yokohama (the Kanagawa Prefecture, not the tires). Of course, I’ll be visiting Daikoku Futo on 23rd evening and 24th morning! I’ll be there until the 27th, so...I dunno what’s there to do by then.


Have Saito vs. Immamura for your time.