Last week I was in South Jersey visiting a friend. We went over to Delaware for a couple of hours, I left my car in the street (twice as wide as my towns streets) and came back to this -

A neighbor backed into it. Denies is could’ve been them but they were the only ones around to do it. No solid proof means I can’t do anything though. Rear door is pretty bashed in. I tried to suction it out but it didn’t really work. Took it to a shop for a estimate but the guy working says the reinforcement bar in the door would more than most likely be bent and I would need a whole new door. It’s really discouraging. I’m waiting for the police report now and I’ll have to go through insurance. This means I’ll be losing my Tokyo skyline too, the thing that really makes my Cube stand out/extra riced.

But once all of this is fixed and all the decals are stripped, I think I’m gonna have it wrapped in a nice bright green color. And maybe restart the RiceCube as the BosoBox instead.