Analyzing the Lexus LC

The Preliminaries

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “He’s already posted two articles about this car! Both of them said different things! When will he make up his mind and leave us alone?” Well, never. And you’ll just have to deal with it. Or not read. Or hire a contract killer. All equally valid and reasonable options.

So my opinion’s changed again. The best description of the LC I can come up with is wasted potential. By all accounts it has a great engine and will be great to drove and oh my God that interior, but the body lets it down completely.


And most frustrating of all, it’s extremely difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with it. So I’m going to compare. This will be a journey for both of us.


This is the Lexus LC. It’s a 2+2 grand tourer with a big V8 and lots of leather inside, and somehow, it looks wrong.


This is the Aston Martin DB11. It’s a 2+2 grand tourer with a big V12 and lots of leather inside, and it is utterly beautiful. Despite what Tavarish says.

Body Shaming

The LC is fat. I know it’s a heavy car, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a fatness of character. *confused face* The Aston is no featherweight, but the styling, and more importantly the shape, is purposeful and athletic. The Aston has poise. It’s got a stance like a big cat about to pounce.


I know the LC has big wheels and angry squinty headlights and a grille like a cable-knit sweater but all that’s for nought if it has no poise. And it doesn’t. The Aston looks like it’s in motion even while sitting still; the LC looks comfy where it is, thanks.

The Biggest Problem?


Thank you for asking. By far the biggest problem with the LC is . . . everything in front of the door mirrors. And it’s all caused by the angle of the hood and the slope of the fascia. This is something Lexus does on most of their sedans and it’s confusing because it looks terrible.

The hood is angled down from the a-pillars, and then slopes dramatically towards and into the fascia. If you look below at the DB11 profile, the hood meets the grille and then the fascia slopes inwards. The LC’s just curves out aimlessly.


Also - and this was a genuine revelation for me, as I was writing this - there is no delineation between the pillars, hood, & beltline. Now, I know this sounds like it contradicts what I said before, but bear with me. This came to me while I was reading Jalopnik’s review of the Jag XE, looking for the quote from Ian Callum about vertical fascias. (It wasn’t there but it was worth reading for the revelation)

So let’s look at the Cadillac ATS for a while!


The beltline and hood are clearly at different levels, but they are also clearly seperate. The A-pillars flow into the hood, and the beltline travels along the fenders into the headlights. Lexus does this as well, but instead of transitioning at the base of the pillars, they decided to do it over the wheel arches, which looks messy and wrong.

Now, lets look at how the DB11 does it.


Not only are the hood and beltline at the exact same level, the hood is flat until it meets the front wheels, when it gently slopes to meet the fascia, which is angled inwards.

Aimless Curves & Little Niggles


Why all the scalloping along the bottom of the fascia? Why do the A-pillars curve outwards and why doesn’t the glass do the same? WHY ARE THE WHEELS SO HELLA UGLY?



I think the rear is almost perfect. I hate the black bumper insert and those hideous fake exhaust tips (I don’t care if you fake it, just put some effort in. At least attach the fake tips to the actual pipes.) and the whole affair looks awkward from the side. But the hall-of-mirrors taillights are awesome, and on the whole it’s an elegant package. This is the best angle to view the LC because you don’t have to look at the front.


But the front end? Whoo . . . The grille is too tall and narrow, the chrome strip should completely encompass the mesh, and the little slit above it - like the one on the LFA - needs to go. And they need to choose a new mesh, preferably something bolder.

The headlights are insanely tiny and angled wrong; they should come forward and become more vertical. Look at the far corner. What is that?


Any Positives, You Negative POS?

Wow, surprisingly rude. I like some things about the LC. It has some beautiful hips, and one of the best interiors ever.


They made blue leather classy. That is an achievement.

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