Anchoring into Asphalt

We have addition to our house in the works that includes a garage, but that doesn’t kick off until summer. So my fantastic wife bought me a carport tent thingy for my birthday so that the 1502 has a home when it arrives. This one in fact.

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We assembled the frame yesterday, but you can’t install the canopy until the frame is squared and anchored. Asphalt being the trash material that it is, happens to be terrible to anchor in. My best friend who’s a former mason recommended that I cut out and dig a 12" diameter 18" deep holes at each of the 8 points of contact. I started on one and though “fuck this noise.”

So I did a little research and found these anchors. They seem to be more than enough rated for 15oo lbs each. So $136 later I ordered 12 of them. Most expensive anchors I have ever purchased, but it beats cutting and digging 8 holes then pouring concrete.



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