Due to a few geographic limitations, and a lack of competing options my current internet provider is able to get away with shilling their services with basically no competition. Their corporate motto is literally, “We’re the best because we have to be.” Not the most confidence inspiring. By far though the worst thing about this company though is their data caps.

Back in May I noticed my internet usage had abnormally spiked from the previous months usage by a large margin. Previously in April we only recorded 330GB of usage out of a 500GB plan, their entry level “Gold” membership. In May though, the bill stated that we had reached 720GB with the same amount of internet usage in the house taking place. After calling to confirm this, I ended up settling with upgrading to “Platinum!” which brings a 750GB cap instead of paying the overage charges with the intent of switching back to “Gold” if I didn’t notice an increase.


Fast-forward to today, October, 27th, and I’m finally getting around to switching back to “Gold” since we really hadn’t gone over the original 500GB plan too excessively over the past few months. After calling in to confirm this I learn that very shortly after the unexplained spike back in May that they have now eliminated Gold, Platinum, and probably Myrrh in favor of an entirely new system that’s angled towards cable and internet packaging, and coincidentally all more expensive than the plans I had been “grandfathered” into.

Let me preface this with the fact that I have no idea if this would be possible, but since it’s a utility company everyone in town loves to bitch about, I figure why not. Is it unreasonable to think that the company purposely jacked up internet usage rates on Gold customers to get them to upgrade to a Platinum level before they introduced their newer plans? Like I said I have no idea if that’s a possibility, but after dealing with them for a while now I do have my suspicions if there wasn’t some sort of ulterior motive.

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