Ancient history resurfaces

My folks are moving into a retirement village, and even though the house they’re going to is actually slightly larger than the one they’re coming from, they’ve convinced themselves that they’re massively downsizing, so they’re having a major chuck-out. Which means I’m inheriting a bunch of junk heirlooms and momentos.

This is the latest installment - my diecast toys. I haven’t seen most of these since I was 4. It seems that I was right into trucks back then.

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The diecast aficionados among you may be surprised not to recognise a good proportion of these. The Bedford TK trucks in the front centre, the earthmovers and forklift on the right, and the smaller-scale ones front left were all made by Fun Ho! toys in New Zealand. We had import restrictions back when I was a kid - lots of stuff was made by small local businesses who vanished when the trade barriers came down in the 80s. Though it turns out Fun Ho! are still in business, doing handmade collectors diecast toys.

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