I was going to do this all as one post with my previous one about the shell, but I realize that one probably rambled on long enough on already, and I needed to actually do some work.

To go along with the new shell, I had them put in a bedrug in for a bedliner. I had one in my 05 F150 and really liked it. Since I really dislike plastic drop-in bed liners, my original thinking was to do a spray-in liner with this truck. When I realized that at $400-$500 they were the same price as a bedrug, I decided to stick with the soft liner that I know I like. They’re probably not the way to go if you’re a landscaper, but they’re actually pretty tough. Additionally, I can use an open trailer (or lay down a rubber bed mat on top of the bedrug) if I need to move something really nasty.

The sides and floor are actually separate pieces that are zippered to the floor. All of it is Velcroed to the truck bed, which means it is easily removable,

They do a nice job of protecting the bed, they’re gentile on whatever you’re hauling, and they make for a fantastic truck camping option. The floor is 3/4” foam contoured to the ribs in the floor, so you end up with a flat and soft surface. Somehow, I don’t think the doggies will mind it either. I imagine some friends of mine will also survive (drunkenly) back here on the occasional dead animal night.

Some other details:

Fold down front window.


I learned on previous trucks that trying to stuff a towel between the cab and bed is a deeply unsatisfying cleaning result for those windows, and also that unbolting the shell and sliding it back to clean that space is something that ends up happening not very often.

I paid a little extra for these plastic coated metal mesh guards to protect the screens on the side windows. These are specifically for the when the Head of Security goes for a car ride.


I had the installer make holes for the for the OEM optional LED bed lightning. I’ve got the factory plastic plugs in place now, but the kit is available as a Ford accessory that I’d like to add to the truck at some point.

12V LED light, wired to the battery with an inline fuse. Also, the other Ford product in the household in the background


The newest previous camper shell I’ve owned was from 2005. I’m glad to see they’re now using LED lights.


With credit to HammerheadFistpunch, what I’ve nearly done here is create a 2WD Bronco.

This also completes that vast majority of what I want to do with the truck, which means I can go back to getting the racecar ready to play again next year(and also saving some pennies for a new trailer). I’ll bring you all more racecar related posts going forward.