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And another Miata I want

While I particularly don’t want a silver Miata, I’m not entirely opposed considering how good of quality this one looks. Sure the engine replacement part and the overall high mileage would usually deter me. But my goal was to find a very clean car with a questionable motor. So this should definitely work. Being a one owner car I’d at least have a significant maintenance history so it could definitely be a good platform for a track car. Will know for sure when I check it out next week! I could see myself buying this one on the spot though since it checks every box except for “literally any color other than silver”.

Also on the topic of the Mazdaspeed Miata I looked at today. I really liked it, it would be hard for me to say no if I wasn’t looking to track the car. It really was a very good example for the price. Not perfect but I think worth the money for a collector car of sorts that would be good at Canyon carving factory and just driving around. But I would have to invest too much to make it what I want. It immediately needs a timing belt job, radiator replacement, and some freshening up of brakes and other stuff. There’s also things on a short list like the intercooler, oil cooler, and a few other reliability mods I read about that aren’t really optional. All in I’d be looking at $2k minimum before I’d drive the car. Sooooo I’ll sleep on it before saying no but I just can’t see why it makes sense for me right now. The turbo noises were indeed amazing though. I one day want a turbo Miata but I’ll just make a real one with actual power and proper gearing.


Anybody have good ideas on how to spice up some silver paint? Maybe some colorful wheels or a racing stripe or just wrap/dip the thing. I'm hoping it looks as nice in person as the photos suggest. But yeah I'll have to do something to liven it up for sure. 

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