And at 132,000 miles, the Jeep Broke

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PFA not our jeep.

Finally had an issue that would require immediate attention on the Jeep. The truck detected a chronic “low boost” situation, which in turn tripped a CEL and limp mode (no boost, limited throttle range). After checking to make sure the turbo is spinning freely and all charge piping is attached I found what I believe is a split in a hose from the intercooler to the TB. I limped it to the shop to work on it in a heated environment. Parts should be here today and hopefully she’s back on the road tonight.


For all the forum posts of issues I can’t believe how well this truck has done so far.

I think this will serve as an excuse to do some intercooler piping upgrades as well as a catch can. Poor thing is drinking oil god only knows how much is built up in the intercooler.

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