The short version of the story was that after I wound up in the hospital for a few days from a chevette vs dodge ram opposite directions highway speed crash, My wife, girlfriend at the time was in the states visititng her folks. I took this opportunity to buy the biggest car in the world.

the prestigious 1965 Pontiac Strato Chief.

Technically this replaced my “winter” chevette. (I also had a ‘summer’ chevette, but that’s another tale. The most stone cold reliable car I ever had. step on the gas twice, one twist of the key, vroom. come back 10 minutes later and the roof was steaming and the surrounding snow on the ground was melting. People also got the hell out of my way. It was too good a car to suffer the winter beater fate, and I enjoyed telling people the Chevelle was my “little car”.

this is what priming and refininshing twice before paint can do to an old beater.



ALL Pontiacs are RED! This is how nice I can do paint and body with time and motivation.