And I Spent Another Saturday Under The Car

What a Saturday. So as my previous post stated, I had trouble with my shift selector. Trouble in that it completely separated from the rest of the transmission. This left me rolling in the Genesis Coupe for my first autocross.


I thought I fixed it after reattaching it and going for a test drive with the clip reinserted, it didn’t want to shift into 5th. Turns out the plastic center had completely separated. And without it, the shifter felt loose and lacked confidence. So today I decided to fix it. Fix it in the most hood way possible.

That fix involved reinserting 3/4 of the plasitc sleeve and add the clip on the end. After getting the clip reattached and procrastinating while watching the Indy Grand Prix, I managed to get 5th back. And drove it to my favorite brewery. Always well. I honestly don’t think the linkage had a clip since I’ve had it. I can actually shift into 5th now. Well, the next steps are an oil change and making my own air intake. 


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