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Despite the image, there is some automotive-related content in this post.

It’s payday, so time to run all over town and across state lines to score some monster Craigslist deals. Today it was a Lenovo USB3 docking station, a 4GB professional workstation video card and a 27" LED monitor.


I needed a video card for a spare computer, and with H.264 acceleration in hardware, this one will probably do the job quite nicely, especially for video editing. The guy was getting rid of it because he wanted something with a VGA port (!) and didn’t want to deal with a dongle. For the capabilities, $50 seemed more than fair. Nice guy. We talked for a while, and when we got to the subject of cars he mentioned he had a Lotus. Of course, I had to check it out. It’s a ‘93 Esprit, and not surprisingly it doesn’t run (fuel system issues). He says he’ll get it back on the road after his kids are out of college.

I wasn’t planning on upgrading monitors, having just picked up a 24" unit for $10 a few months back, but this one for $30 seemed too good to pass up. For that price I might just use it as a TV. It should make flight simulation quite interesting (if X-Plane ever shows up...)


And the docking station? $15 seemed, once again, too good to pass up. This is still a $150-200 part, available new, and he said he didn’t need it since he no longer had a Lenovo. Well, umm, you can use it pretty much on anything, even on a Mac. I really only wanted it for the DisplayLink part, but the rest is just icing on the cake. And this seller was another car guy, having one of those Z3-based M Roadsters. An early one, not one if the later ones with the higher horsepower ITB engines, but still seriously cool.

I’ve pretty much stopped going to the Goodwill Outlet, so Craigslist has taken over as the source for my bargain hunting. At least I’m getting stuff that isn’t broken or damaged, and is complete, a nice change of pace from the Goodwill stuff.

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