It’s not the rates, if you have zero points on your license and are above 25 years old the rates are not bad at all. It’s the MCCA fee

This is the coverage for my 2 motorcycles. 2012 Honda 450 dirt bike and a 1977 Honda CB750 (both of them plated for the street). Only $114 for both for the year, awesome! Except not, because that is before the $186 per plated vehicle surcharge fee the state adds. I also have to pay this for my truck and my wife’s car as well, so a total of $744 for the year, when there’s only 2 drivers in our house, only 1 of which, me, that can even ride the motorcycles.

What is the MCCA Fee? Basically a big cost savings for the insurance companies.

In the state of Michigan your medical benefits are unlimited if you’re injured in an auto accident and the MCCA makes sure that insurance companies don’t have to pay more than $545,000 of the damages. The MCCA fee is the portion that you pay per vehicle to keep this association going.…