another craiglist sale done and I'm one more step closer to my truck. For those of you playing at home, I set out to get a 1965-1966 F-100 as a project. It was the truck my dad had when I was little. Love the truck and thought it would be cool to build it and then take him out in it. My conditions are:

1) Has to be running, driving because of the HOA rules here. Even when I do major work, I have to figure out how to stay within the rules but get the work done. We have a rule that no non-running vehicles are to be kept on the property. Going to be hard to work that out when I need to do an engine and front suspension swap.

2) No money coming out of the family budget. Everything must be done by either selling things I don't use anymore, or by flipping things.

So, today I sold my Raleigh R600 road bike to someone locally who is going to put new components on it and auction it off in a charity event in the spring. Paid asking price. A small step toward the goal. Now, if I could only sell the beautiful solid cherry table I bought at a yard sale. Any takers?