They were so impressed with it and happy that my wife offered it to them...

A picture from the day I got it home...

I did tell them that you never know how reliable it’ll be, it isn’t a young car, and reminded them of the things to know about it.


I’ll miss that car so very much. It was possibly my favorite car I’ve ever owned, even though it wasn’t my only car for very long and I feel like I didn’t drive it that much. It is still the high water mark for luxury comforts in any car I’ve owned. My FoST is nice, but it’s not on the same level.

Here’s hoping that they take as good of care of it as I did and love it like I did.

I’m crying right now. Please post pictures of cars you’ve sold and wish you hadn’t so we can all commiserate.

Update: I’m noticing that I may not be alone in loving cars that are just a little quirky and/or that you put some love into caring for.

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