Working in internet dealer advertising, I do alot of reputation management for car dealers. Just for fun I decided to audit First State in light of the Hooper/wrecked ZL-1 situation. There is no way you can bring your online reputation back from this without first doing the right thing, and then spending alot of money rebranding yourself. First state made a really bad choice by pushing back on the Hoopers, no matter who was right in the situation. Luckily the dealers I work for are really pretty stellar in situations like this and never let it get out of hand. Someone makes a complaint, even online, and the dealer is really proactive about fixing it, or I won't work for them. That is part of the deal. I hate to think of who has the job of smoothing this over. There is a tiny blurb on the homepage of but that is all. It is pretty much saying, we weren't open, so it wasn't on us. Lame. Nice OPPO ranking on google results though, even signed out of personalized search :)