I wrote the other day about how this little trailer followed me home.

Since I had the past two days off work, and my income tax refund came in, I went shopping for parts and spent some time with it.


The yellow markers didn’t work at all, and the passenger side taillight was out. The harness was missing the ground plug, so it had to be getting that through the trailer ball. Not ideal.

I stripped off the old deck, and tried to take off the spare tire. Apparently no-one had even looked at it after bolting it to the tongue with a U-bolt. It was flat, dry-rotted, and firmly rusted in place. I took my saws-all to the bolt and got it off. Once to that point I dragged it over to the car was and hit it with some high pressure spray to blow out the cobwebs, hornets nests, and random debris it had accumulated over two years sitting in the last owner’s back yard.

Here it is now:


Some fresh paint, a new deck, tire stands and a bolted down storage tote for the jack, etc. Now I have a good looking, useful, tire trailer.

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