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And just like that ...

She’s gone. I’m gonna miss that little bugger.

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I took her to Victory Auto Wreckers after school today. I hadn’t been there in probably 20 years. Anyone who has ever lived in Chicagoland, will remember their classic TV commercial. I bet its on youtube, its pretty funny.

Anyways, the place is really close to my work, and it’s a lot nicer than it used to be. The whole yard is paved now, and they have LED light towers all over the place. That was nice, because it got dark at like 4:30 while I was walking the yard. I need to go more often. I took pictures of some interesting stuff, I’ll post those tomorrow.


The people there were super friendly, and got a kick out of the RallyMetro. I think I owe XJDano dinner, because they paid me $40 more than I paid him two years ago!

Bye-bye RallyMetro! You were an incredible machine!

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I’m genuinely kinda sad now.

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