And just like that, the Cabriolet is home.

I don’t care what anybody says, I am now a Mk1 owner.

Got it off the tow truck, gassed it up, and went for a 5 ish mile drive to see how quickly it would overheat with the cracked radiator. It did not. I’ll still put a new radiator in.


The 1.8L EA827 (unsure on the exact code) motor is very buzzy. 2nd pops out and grinds if you don’t double clutch. The interior is a little rough if you look for more than ten seconds, and the body is good from ten feet.

Short term plan and goal: wrench as parts arrive and get the car running in tip top shape, because on Saturday... I want to run it in a hillclimb. A friend already checked, any vehicle is good to run in it, even “newer” stuff like my Cabriolet. There's also a TDS rally that I may run if I don't want to do the hillclimb. 

So if any Oppos are in the area and free this upcoming weekend and want to see me thrash a perfectly good Cabby, you should swing by!

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