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And Justice For All

My client is very successful, and employs most of his family. He has a first cousin who is a married gay woman who is suing him for discrimination, largely because he is Catholic.

This woman has been through a lot; I have seen her medical records. She was hospitalized with a mental breakdown at 14, and attempted suicide at 15 by washing down a handful of pills with a bottle of peroxide. She claimed this resulted from abuse at the hands of her family. She admitted to struggles with alcohol and cocaine as recently as 2016.


My client hired her as a 20 year old high school dropout. She worked in the field first, and then he brought her in to the office, and consistently promoted her until she was making almost $50k per year with a company car. She even got her GED.

She started to top out on her skill set, and got frustrated when she hit a ceiling. She complained to my client that she was stressed, so he gave her two weeks paid time off, and he paid for her to take her fiance on a two week hiking trip. When she returned, she said the office was too stressful, so he let her work from home.

Eventually, they told her it could not continue, and she could either come to the office to work or take FMLA leave. She refused, and filed a work comp claim for PTSD. The claim was denied. The Qualfied Medical Examiner filed a 75 page report claiming that she had serious issues that predated her employment with my client, and that testing suggested deception and exagerration of issues. Her work comp claim was denied.

She hired a lawyer, and is suing my client for discrimination, harassment, and a host of other similar claims. Her case is bullshit. But my client has insurance, and they want me to settle. It is going to settle for around $200,000. God bless America.

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