First thing is first. Just celebrated 10 years of being married yesterday. Very pleased I’ve found someone who can tolerate me for 3650 days and counting. Celebrated in the traditional manner with spring skiing.

Also some car shopping but thats not important. We didn’t buy anything but I did find out which dealers had a pirate ship and which ones didn’t

this was cool enough that my wife and almost almost stopped to play on it while we waited for a salesperson. The sales manager helped us and I think he was let down that we were there to see an extremely ratty xc90 on the lot. It was just because we were in the neighborhood and I wanted her to see one in person.


Then off to carmax (slogan: We don’t have a pirate ship...sorry) to see the same overpriced Xc70 they had on the lot as we’d already driven. The salesman kept telling me how great no haggle pricing is and how the warranty on “german cars” is really important to get. He also knows Doug’s stories.


Then for a walk among AAA guns which are in a city park donated to keep the city from flooding. Not sure why there are AAA guns pointed at the hospital but I’m not one for questions.


Distrustful of all those “medical” helicopters always flying in and out? I don’t know.

The end.