Third time’s the charm?

(first test sketch)

After the first one mysteriously cracked, the second one was just... off. Right-click/hold and multitouch weren’t working in certain apps (especially photoshop, which is like the reason I use the tablet). The screen was slightly misaligned. So I took it to a Mcrosoft store to see if I could sort it out without spending any more money. I hadn’t had it long enough to really use it a lot, yet, and when the MS tech guy opened up the stand to grab the serial number, THIS IS WHAT I SEE:

Do not adjust your screens. That’s actually what it looked like. Double-printed. Fucked up. I don’t know how MS quality control/assurance people are getting these things into the hands of Amazon retailers, but I decided right then that, fuck this, it’s going right back. I expect a 100% refund. Haven’t gone so far as to call out the seller as fraudulent, but I’m not sure how else I’d characterize it. So I walked out of the MS store with Surface 3 #3.

So far, so good.

Lesson(s) learned: if you want a Surface, buy it straight from Microsoft. It may cost a hundred bucks more, but your ass will be covered when something’s not right. Worth the peace of mind.


Fool me once, shame on... shame on you. Foolmuh can’t get fooled again.