Just got the call this evening. Onyxia is ready for me to pick up. Now I just have to figure out the scheduling. Have a picture of something my dealer (RAC Performance, great guys, highly recommended) worked on to celebrate with me.

And yes. The R in RAC stands for RUF. Yes, as in this RUF.

So, work completed on Onyxia:
- Respray entire front end to address rock chips because there is no overkill, only what boring people do, and what RootWyrm does
- Wait for the outgassing, which is the worst part
- Apply a whole load of Xpel Ultimate because I do not like rock chips
- Wait for the Xpel Ultimate to cure, which is ALSO terrible
- Double-check all mechanicals after return from the bodyshop
- Call RootWyrm and tell him she’s ready to rock with a full tank of gas

Of course, the job is being pure bullshit. I had scheduled today off. I had confirmed this. This was approved. This was acknowledged multiple times. This was then completely disregarded. Yet again. Which is going to cause an extremely rude awakening when I have car time scheduled, I expect. Car time is sacred. Interruptions of car time are not tolerated whether or not the phone is working.

Then I found out there’s a weekly all-hands that I had never been invited to. (Probably our new exec at fault there.) So I attended. Only to observe that our new exec is so nakedly corrupt, he doesn’t even attempt to hide his nepotism and kickbacks. Hell, he brags about it.