And so it begins....

Pic related as it’s the style I’m going for.

Bike frame was welded up like two weeks ago after I started the bike up to make sure it ran, and then drained and pulled the tank and pulled almost everything off of the front end to make room for the welder to get in there, it hasn’t been ground down or painted yet but it’s structurally sound!


I just clicked buy on a new front end (Forks, triple clamps, and axle) a few minutes ago, need to either un-dent the tank or just ride it as is (more likely), get handlebars and a headlight, and it should actually be good to go. Might need mirrors but I would like to get the bike running before I start really getting into stylistic choices.

The bike above is a Ninja 600 (I believe, maybe a 750) so it’s not like I’m pushing boundaries here. 

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