Fronts arrived on Friday, rears are backorderd but expected to ship on Tuesday. Pending ship time, that means I may be able to install next weekend. Woo!

I had the front Bilstein 6112s preassembled at a 2” lift height. 2.5” is about the limit before you need new upper control arms for alignment. For the rears, its a 1-1.5” lift spring with Bilstein 5160s. I have the springs, just waiting on the shocks. I also picked up the reservoir mount, as I’ve heard the mount that comes with the shocks kinda sucks. All in all, this should keep the factory rake, which I prefer.


Tires will most likely be 275/70/17 BFGs, E load, as they don’t make a C. Falken does, but I’ve also heard of balancing issues from a few folks on that specific size Wildpeaks. Wheels, of course, are the matte gray TRD Pro wheels. 285s are an option, but I think I’m pretty sold on the 275 size, despite having a much more limited selection.

I figure this setup will still be nicely streetable and an upgrade for off-road as well as appearance. Eventually, I’ll add a TRD Pro grill, because I like it. I’m not sure on armor, as the additional weight doesn’t thrill me, and I really won’t be doing anything terribly hard core. If I start to, I’ll add some skids. I plan on getting a canoe, so either get crossbars for the current roof rack, or swap it out for a different rack down the road.

I debated between a Dobinsons suspension setup and the Bilstein 6112/5160 for a while now. It came down to a $70 difference, so I went Bilstein...$1001 shipped for Dobinsons vs $1071 shipped for Bilstein.

Side note, I really like the new garage setup with the table. It’s level enough with the toolbox to make it a nice long setup. It’s even perfectly space that I can toss a 2x4 in the gap to act as a fill in space if needed.


And one of my favorite garage items I’ve had for a while, the paper towel dispenser. I picked up a couple of them at Habitat several years ago for the princely sum of $5 each. They had some of the white metal ones that I picked up as well for $2.


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