Update post on September 10th, 2017: http://oppositelock.kinja.com/headlight-saga-update-1803088685#_ga=2.111176647.2100900646.1504643528-279442561.1417197415

Update FINAL saga post on September 16th, 2017: http://oppositelock.kinja.com/its-that-time-again-oppo-liveblog-complete-1818475096

4:25pm - It’s headlight replacement time Oppo, come with me on this brief phone-posted Liveblog journey...

4:28pm - YouTube searches take me to a 1A Auto video showing 7 plastic bloody clips (I hate those wretched things) and 4-ish bolts will be leaving their places of slumber...


4:40pm - After 10 more minutes of (possibly unrelated) video watching outside in the 30C mugginess, I’ve decided a stiff drink is in order for this complicated surgery to continue...ergo, enter:

Crush Cream Soda...the Canadian red stuff, not that wimpy clear stuff you get elsewhere. This is the real deal, and I’m drinking it on the rocks as that is how real men drink their cream soda. BUT, BEFOREHAND, the cat looked at me all sad as I came in, so I had to give her some obligatory pieces of grass...because real men love their furry buddies.


4:50pm - After returning outside and discussing the refrigerator purchasing habits of elderly grandparents with a friend on WhatsApp for ten minutes, it’s time to take out your tools and Cream Soda and get started.


4:55 pm - After taking all the clips out, you find, of course, the last one stripped and stubborn to remove...

5:12pm - Now that your implement of prying has made short work of the stubborn clip, remove the bolts to find one stubborn as the whole side of the headlight assembly is split and cracked off...curse some more.


5:25pm - Finally remove old assembly, realize the crack was NOT the worst of it, be extra glad you’re replacing the light...no wonder my headlight was dim, a whole mounting point was sheared off and it must’ve been dropping down! (Accident damage from previous owner, very minor fender bender, the light is apparently the worst of the damage, but I only knew about the crack!)


5:31pm - Open up the new hotness!


5:40 - Examine the old assembly thoroughly for awhile to find it is actually even worse than thought. Be extra super happy you are replacing it.

Swap over your better Phillips bulbs (made in Poland!) and begin reassembly!


....5:55 - And then find out apparently there are two connector types for the Accent and your new headlight assembly has the wrong one........

6:51pm - Welp....not sure what to do now as the connectors are COMPLETELY different. Guess I am going to have to order another new light and hope that one is the right one. I had ordered this one way back in December and didn’t even open it when it got here as the ad said it was for my car (same model year and everything)....I never found anything that said there were different plugs either! Going to contact the EBay seller and see what, if anything they can do for me, as it’s a waste of $70 CAD otherwise! It was a North American seller as well, supposedly. The only bulbs in the entire Accent assembly are just low/high and the turn signal, so no idea why there would be vastly different connectors. I know in Europe, the same assemblies also had parking lights, but my new assembly has no place for that, so unless I somehow got a NA-spec assembly with a Euro-spec plug, I have no idea what is going on!
Plugs for reference:

Plug on old assembly / the one on the wire in the car.


Plug on the new assembly - different to the car.

It looks like the plugs and wires actually pry out to be swappable, but I tried it gently on my old light and the tab that seems to be meant to pry on just bent like crazy and I didn’t want to force it. ARGH, why do things never work out? :/

6:55pm - Drowning sorrows in more Cream Soda.

Update - called a company that sells connectors for many automotive brands and they quoted me $203 DOLLARS for the new connector so I could make a pigtail. Ridiculous! A new light is like $90 CAD!