I contacted the dealer this morning, and they apologized for the situation and gave me my deposit back. So the search continues. I’m now only looking at 2006-2008 S models at the advice of the tech who looked at the fucked 2005 non-S 997. I will also only be looking at cars in rad colors. Red, yellow, green, purple, blue.

I also went on a disappointment fueled shopping spree last night, haha. For the M3, I bought all of the aging bits. New roundels, fender lights, trunk struts, new center console, new glasses tray, and a new plain license plate frame.

For the Ranger I got Bilstein shocks all the way around, and a very similar wheel and tire setup to the pic below. Pacer 164's with BF Goodrich K02 AT tires.


I wish it would all get here today so I could strap everything on this weekend.

Happy Friday, I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.