And The Suffering Continues...

Work on converting my truck from auto to Manuel has not been going great. I am addressing some brake issues first before the actual swap. I blew a brake line between the gas tank and the frame. I am planning on pulling the bed off for easier access. This is a bigger problem on this truck because of its former life. This is the old work truck from my job. We added additional tie down points in the bed. This has already been an annoyance once when it was a work truck and the fuel pump died. This time I am not at work where I have access to ALL the tools, I am at home. I am going to have to death wheel off these nuts. Not excited about it. My little helper for your time.

There are four of these tie downs, one on each side of the wheel arch.
These brackets are welded to the frame. They came off the previous work truck and for some reason work decided not to bolt them on. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!
So the anchor threads into a hollow tube that is booked to this bracket. When these tubes were installed they were chrome. I was there for the install and I did put Anti-Seeze on the anchor, not on this time that is now the bane of my existence.
He is literally the worst helper. He tries to bite all the power tools. Dick.

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