Primer! Ha! I went with red. Gonna look snazzy with the bare nuts and plated caps I intend to get to cover the axle poking thru the center and the bearing. I didn’t realize they were split rims. I thought the four bolts were holding the bearing assembly to the wheel. To my surprise they were holding the front half of the wheel to the back half, to which the bearings were installed. That half I just clear coated with some Rustoleum. Did the same to the red halves.

Also spent some time re-coating the wood wagon body since it was 90% peeled off, didn’t spend much time sanding or making it look nice since its just gonna get beat up anyways. I half considered coating the inside of the “bed” with roll on bedliner..... maybe still will but the intent is to use the wagon for large rummages and Maxwell Street days finds. Don’t want to scratch up something nice with the bed liner.


Gonna throw a few more coats on that and put the wheels back together this week.