It’s been a long and arduous journey, getting my 1969 Firebird to the point where it needed insurance. As of last Friday, that day arrived.

A milestone for sure. What I wasn’t prepared for was the possibility that the car simply wasn’t insurable. I started with the usual suspects for classic car insurance, Grundy and Hagerty. Neither would offer coverage for my car. Primarily because my wife and I are a single car family and they feared that my Firebird would become a primary driver.


Working from home I don’t need another car, but they really didn’t car. That blew the idea of a stated value policy out of the water. Next up I went to State Farm that currently holds the insurance for me and my wife’s Jeep, as well as other policies. The amount of information they required about the car was almost mind boggling. Literally it’s entire life story from the time I acquired it until now.

Even then I was initially told that while they’d certainly offer liability coverage for it, underwriters would have to review to see if they would qualify it for comprehensive and collision. Once again, stated value coverage was not available due to my unique car situation.

In the end I did receive a competitive rate that includes full coverage and emergency road side coverage. My guess is I’ll need that later coverage soon.

On the plus side, I have a standard use policy which means I can drive the car whenever and for whatever reason I want. On the negative side, without a stated value policy I risk not being able to rebuild or replace the car should something significant happen. I’ll likely end up picking up a beater at some point so that I can get a proper classic policy on the car. For now, I’ll be as careful as I can and start enjoying the car!


For those of you who stuck through this post, here’s some engine porn! Pay no attention to the filthy engine bay. I’ll detail her first real bath in a post coming up soon :)

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