And Then There Was One

This seemed to get lost in the shuffle amid the news that Guangzhou Automobile (Group) Corporation was out of the running to buy Fiat Chrysler, but Dongfeng Motor Corporation has also disavowed any interest. With Geely already out of the picture, this just leaves Great Wall out of the four that were originally said to be interested. They are also the only one rumored to have submitted an actual bid so far, which was deemed insufficient by Marchionne.

If Great Wall doesn’t want to up their bid, or gets frustrated with the process and quits, that would represent yet another in an increasingly lengthy list of failures on Marchionne’s part to off load the company. After basically every automaker in Europe, the United States, and now China rejects you, there doesn’t seem to be much left. The Japanese, as a rule, don’t really do foreign acquisitions.

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